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The Importance of SEO

seographicSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of finding relevant keywords for your business and optimising your website to appear high up in the search results when people search for them.

SEO also has a direct effect on various other marketing channels such as the content being shared through social, the quality score of your PPC campaigns & the content you write and publish on your blog. Therefore it shouldn’t be underestimated!

Bare Digital SEO Services

Our SEO services start with a FREE SEO Audit where we will analyse your website and let you know where improvements are required. Our SEO service follow a straight forward process outlines below:

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  • SEO Audit

    We will review the entire website from an SEO perspective, highlighting which individual elements and rankings factors require optimisations.

  • Keyword Strategy

    We will perform in-depth keyword research to create a 3 tiered keyword strategy to target short, medium and long term keyword targets.

  • On-Page SEO

    Using the new keyword strategy we will optimise the SEO elements on the site including navigation, headers, structure, content and meta data.

  • Content & Outreach

    Once on-page SEO is complete we will create a content & outreach strategy to negotiate content & link placements on relevant 3rd party websites.

An SEO audit is a complete technical review of your websites content, architecture & strategy with the intention of highlighting the SEO problems that are associated with it.

Our SEO audits look at a selection of key SEO elements that are a direct rankings factor when appearing in Google’s natural search results.

In the table below are some of the areas that we look at when performing an SEO audit for a new client.

SEO Elements Description
HTTP Response Codes Error pages, 404’s – 503’s – 301’s – 302’s
Site Speed Site load time, image compression, minify code
Navigation The websites internal linking and anchor text optimisation
Duplicate Content Ensure the site has unique content & correct canonicalization
Broken Links Ensure any internal / external links are not brokenTable Data 2
URL’s Make sure URL’s are short and optimisation
Content Make sure content is correctly structured and optimised
Header Tags Correct header tags should be added and optimised
Page Titles Page titles must be correct length and well optimised
Meta Descriptions Make sure that meta descriptions are correct length and optimised
Images Images should include alt & title tags that are relevant
Architecture There is an ideal site architecture that should be adopted
Volume of Backlinks Websites should have references from relevant 3rd party websites
Quality of Backlinks References should be on high authoritative sites
Optimised Anchor Texts Links back should be optimised with keyword focused anchor texts

From this initial SEO audit we will understand where any improvements are necessary and we can put together a complete roadmap for the implementation of any recommendations.

Keyword research is by far the most important part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This forms the foundation of all the SEO activity on the site and therefore requiring careful research and planning.

We create a 3 tiered keyword strategy which for our clients that allow us to make short, medium and long term targets to ensure that results can be seen in a short period of time.


Short Term

We will target a selection of ‘long tailed keywords’. These usually include more words within the search term and that receive a lower search volume. These keywords have less competition and higher rankings can be easily achieved to form a small increase in monthly traffic.


  • Mens Red & White Running Shoes
  • Mens Running Shoes With
  • White Running Shoes for Men

Medium Term

The medium term targets are keywords that receive considerable search volumes and a higher level of competition than the short term targets. They usually include your highest volume keywords but with supporting keywords attached to them.


  • Mens Running Shoes
  • Running Shoes for Men
  • Red Running Shoes

Long Term

Your long term strategy will be to rank for your ‘HERO’ terms. These have the highest volume of monthly searches and high competition. The SEO work is performed to support your short and medium term targets creating a foundation for targeting the most lucrative keywords.


  • Running Shoes
  • Shoes
  • Mens Shoes
During the keyword research process the search terms are put into smaller relevant groups and mapped to the landing pages on the site. This forms a page-by-page keyword strategy and allows us to manipulate the content of the website so ensure a high relevancy for our keyword targets

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On Page SEO infographic

Finally once all of the landing pages are optimised, we can start to think about promoting the pages and driving people into your online conversion funnel. The new keyword strategy is designed to pull relevant people to your site looking for content just like yours.

There are a number of off-page SEO strategies that work well to get your content seen by more people and draw people into your website. These strategies also all contribute to your final rankings as each link back to your site transfers authority.

Our Link Building Strategies include:

  • Blogger Outreach
  • Blog Post Distribution
  • Social Media Management
  • Blogger Competitions


It is extremely important that link building is performed correctly to ensure that your site doesn’t receive a penalisation from Google. If this happens your website can drop dramatically in the search results, causing months of work in order to regain those positions.